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Payment integration - Paypal API

How can one create a payout from. bubble to Paypal API?

Use case, when a customer is charged in my platform, I wish to route that payment via API to the freelancer who completed the job.

Paypal’s API library and documentation is poorly explained so can’t really conform what the authentication structure should be.

Any help will be appreciated.

Paypal don’t offer the best support for marketplace set ups - but check out Braintree for marketplaces (part of the paypal group and offer paypal as a payment option).

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I did check them out and installed their plugin - in fact, using it in WF to “charge the current user”. Logically, the next step should be routing the payment to the Freelancer who has completed the job but this not possible with Braintree’s plugin (Though, I have not looked at their APIs).

The problem is, stripe doesn’t work in my client’s country so a massive “spanner in the works” there.

Just because the functionality isn’t in the plugin doesn’t mean the functionality isn’t available within the API.

I think the bubble braintree plugin was made awhile ago and marketplace API is a relatively newish development.

I don’t think I understand your view here. You are kind of contradicting yourself in your first para.

Anyways, I’ll check out some more online resources.

FYI @thimo has a great PayPal integration product:

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