Payment with chargebee as billing service

Hi bubblers,

Has anyone had success using Chargebee to to handle payments? They are really good at handling EU regulations, but I have a hard time getting them to play nice with Bubble.

Has anyone had any succes?

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Hey there,

Krish, co-founder here. Sorry I am new to this community and just exploring. I found your question while tracking google alerts. Do you mind sharing your challenge? I can request someone from our team to jump-in and see how they can resolve it for you. I am curious to track if there are users of bubble + Chargebee and would love to see that.

In the meantime, I would like to see how we can help resolve your challenge.


@krish - do you support subscriptions in India too?

Yes, we now do with Stripe (Stripe is still in beta in India) for both INR and other currencies.

Excellent. Signing up for a demo

@kristianravn : I might be able to help you, We are using Chargebee for our Billing. We have been able to successfully integrate chargebee portal and other options like customer creation etc.

@krish: Good to have someone from chargebee team being a part of bubble forum, To be more frank, we had a tough time integrating chargebee in the first place, but where able to get enough support from chargebee support team.

Hi Krish,

I use Chargebee because it simplifies collecting correct VAT in Europe and handles VIES validation effortlessly. This is great.

But I can’t use the portal/check-out in Bubble at all. I simply can’t get it to open. I could then use the API Connector to couple the system with chargebee, but this is very cumbersome.

Contrast this with Bubble’s Stripe plugin, that allows me a much easier workflow (but with no taxes and the need for building my own more complicated charging flows.

Chargebee has some nice and useful features, but I think in a Bubble environment, it is simpler to build my own flow with stripe directly (and other API’s for VAT/VIES validation).

My dream scenario would be having a Chargebee plugin in bubble.

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Any updates?

@krish Checking in here to see if there has been any progress on a Chargebee bubble plugin?

Hey there!

Your requests have been heard :slightly_smiling_face: We are happy to announce our new Chargebee bubble plugin :grinning: It supports necessary actions like create a customer, a card payment, a subscription for items, and many others.

Go ahead and check it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Live demo:

Demo and Documentation: Chargebee Subscriptions | Plugin for Bubble by Zeroqode

Plugin Page: ChargeBee Subscriptions Plugin | Bubble

If you have any questions or/and suggesions- please feel free to contact us :pray:

ZQ Team