PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

Not like that through table, but if you use text elements and place them inside multi-columns, then you can achieve a similar layout.

thanks no i am not a fan of the layout either

What is the best way to show a list of images which are saved in the database i have tried both the invoice example from this thread and using dynamic image as i normally would in bubble! see image
image list|339x500

Place several “insert image” actions.

@simone1 @cmarchan to insert a list of images in the pdf I suggest you to combine this with a plugin that allows you to iterate in your list.

You can iterate in a list with any of these plugin:

  1. List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now at v1.4: Adds Numeric Option, GET INDEX Action
  2. [New Plugin] Bdk Utilities (list processor functionality)

I hope it can help you.


Hi @vini_brito, is it possibile to insert “nested table” ? I need to reproduce on PDF the RG structure that users can see on video, as per the attached screen shot

Here there is a list of “events” (first section under red text) each with a title, location, dates and amount spent. For each event, there is a list of “items” (section under blue text) again with dates, amount, etc. And then there is also a third sub-level of detail for each item (the grey section).

How can I print such a structure on a PDF ? Thanks a lot for your help.


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I see why would you think of a nested table first, but there’s no mechanism specifically with this name right now, the way to do it is to use another plugin to use iteration, in another words, a loop, for example List Shifter plugin, and dynamically insert as many text elements as you wish.

Let me know how it goes (:

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Hi @edwinbolanosb!

I am sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the great pointers.

I did explore list processing to try to get images in tables or to ho have them selectively displayed. Just gave up as it took me an entire morning with no success. But… I will take another stab at it with all these plugins. I learned about list shifter but have not tried it yet.

Thank you again!

Hi @vini_brito, thanks for your reply. Can I ask you to make an example so that I can better understand how to do what you are saying ? I mean, where the loop is supposed to happen ? in Bubble workflow or in a PDF Conjurer action ? Also where do I have to position the text elements ?

When you have time, it will be great if you could create a simple example in an editor. Thanks

Take a look at the examples in the first post, one of them uses loops and images (:

Sorry, but I can’t find the example. Can you point me in the right direction ? Thanks

Take a look: Edit mode and Run mode .

To clarify, that’s not a real loop, it’s a simulated loop that runs three times. The only key difference is that with List Shifter you’ll run the workflow a dynamic amount of times.
So learn to do a loop with List Shifter and then follow this example (:

@stefanof @cmarchan @simone1
Bellow I will share a process that works for me, to create a pdf using a list. Basically my app is a system to capture reports from field, so I have a list a question and a list of answers. My app is in spanish, but I will do my best to explain you the process,

First at all,
You have to install a list iterate plugin. I am using it: [New Plugin] Bdk Utilities (list processor functionality)

Then, you include a listprocessor element in your page, and define the input list type, in my case this is a questions list.

  1. I start the whole process with a download button

  2. I start the pdf with this great plugin created by @vini_brito

  3. I defined the styles I will used

  4. I trigger the lisprocesor using the list of questions

You create the lisprocessor run as follows

  1. I print the questions using this list processor element (It is the current element in the list)

  2. I print the answer

  3. I add a pause before I print an image

  4. I included an image. A trick: to avoid the image-name problem I used the number of the question, so I have photo-1, photo-2 and so on.

  5. You created a list processor is done (check point 4), and define the name of the pdf
    A trick: include .pdf at the end of the name, so you can share this link without problems.

That´s all! I hope it can help you.


Wow thanks so much for this. I will have a go i was getting very frustrated trying to get it to work.

@edwinbolanosb Wow! Above and beyond the call of duty! (just an expression)

Thank you very much for this detailed walk-thru. I will also have a go at it.

Sometimes dealing with plugins can be so time-consuming. But … of course never nearly as much as what coding a solution would be. :grinning:

After installing the PDF Conjurer Plugin I do not see where I can insert from the work flow. The menu doesn’t seem to contain anything about the plugin at all.

Any help on this would be great. Thanks!

Hi! Just place the element “PDF Model” in the page and everything will show up (:

FACEPALM. Thank you so very much for your quick response.

Hi @vini_brito ,

I am trying the plugin for first time. It seems to be creating a simple pdf that I created (just inserted one text and one image).

However, now when I make image as dynamic instead of static (Image coming from an option set), the PDF is not getting generated. There is no warning, error etc. Just that File download window doesn’t open and nothing happens.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for creating this helpful plugin!


Maybe the problem is that in some cases you do not have an image in that dynamic field. So the solution would be to include a condition that inserts the image just when that field is not empty.

Additionally, you must be careful about the name of the image to avoid it repeats.