PDF Editor plugin – fill forms, add text, signatures, pictures

Hi everyone!

I’m Ben, the founder and developer of SimplePDF.eu, and today I’d like to showcase SimplePDF for Bubble!

(This is my first plugin for Bubble and no-code apps in general!)

PDF Editor and filler – plugin link

Can I see how it looks?
I strongly believe in “show, don’t tell”, so have a look and play around!

See the plugin in action

What can you do with the plugin?

  • Allow users to pick files from their computer or specify the document directly

  • All of the features of SimplePDF: add text, checkboxes, pictures, signatures, rotate, add, delete pages and merge PDFs.

  • Automatically collect customers submissions (the button “Download” is replaced with a “Submit”) if you have your own SimplePDF account

Why is it free?

For the same reason as for the SimplePDF editor itself: most people don’t edit PDFs for fun, but rather by necessity for the everyday life. Charging doesn’t seem right: it has been my philosophy all along (I started building SimplePDF 4 years ago).

OK, it’s free, but how do you maintain and improve it?

There’s a set of features that are paid (such as using your own logo, collecting the form submissions automatically, connecting to your Bubble backend) - they pay the bills so that the editor can remain free (this plugin included).

This question comes up very often, so I have written a dedicated article about it


Feel free to ask any questions here, whether it’s comments, feedback: the code of the plugin is open-source, so I’m happy to learn about it could be improved, tips and tricks.

You can also reach out to me directly via the bubble@simplepdf.eu email address


New feature: Zoom in/out – try it out!

Watch the feature announcement: SimplePDF.eu - Zoom feature - YouTube

Read the announcement

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/simple_pdf/status/1679460244127096833
On LinkedIn: SimplePDF on LinkedIn: Zoom feature in SimplePDF
On Facebook: https://fb.watch/lLGdb0ey5x

I’m available to answer any questions you may have!

The 1.5 release is out!

Many of you have asked to upload documents directly from the plugin and it’s now available!

You can now specify the document to open by:

  • Specifying the URL of the document
  • Uploading the document (it will then use the Bubble storage link under the hood)

:zap: Live demo :zap:

:hammer_and_wrench: Plugin link :hammer_and_wrench:

Bubble Editor not properly displaying the text inside the buttons

It appears that the Bubble preview is having issues: as a result the text is not displayed properly in the preview inside the SimplePDF buttons.

I reached out to Bubble support to let them know about the issue – to all SimplePDF plugin users: I apologise for the inconvenience!

I will update my message once the preview is working again

Hi everyone!

The Bubble team got back to me: they pushed a fix for the preview and I confirmed that the editor now properly renders the preview.

I apologise again for the inconvenience and hope that it wasn’t too big of a hindrance

Have a great end of week everyone,


Hi everyone!

We just released a new feature: inline mode!

Inline mode?
Up until now, the plugin allowed you to create a button or element that needed to be clicked to display the PDF (in a modal).

Starting with version 1.6.2 you can now choose to display the PDF just like any other visual element, right there, in any page!

As the adage says…

A picture is worth a thousand words

Have a great end of weekend!

SimplePDF founder

Hello, is there a function to add easily a “stamp” refused or accepted (or other things) but without let the users to add a dedicate area for that. For exemple, a worksheet order must be validate by 2 persons I want them to have 2 buttons (accept or refuse) and this action only add on the PDF (refused by xx and the date)

Hey @saloon-esquiver0t!

While you cannot have two people contribute to the same PDF, you can easily turn any PDF into a non-editable form (just to be filled)

I created a form using a design tool with your order example: SimplePDF - A free PDF editor to easily edit documents and fill in forms

I then positioned the fields in SimplePDF and locked them to be fill-only

This PDF form contains:

  • Two check boxes (accepted / refused)
  • A text input
  • A signature input

None of the fields above can be modified except by me (the “owner” of the form)

You could also add a picture field to allow your users to add the stamp, however they would need to have the picture of the stamp on their computer