Performance of Scheduled API Workflow

I have a scheduled API Workflow where I’m basically letting the app create a new project with about 10 data fields. After the scheduled workflow the user should be navigated to a different page. Why is the browser actually waiting for the Scheduled API Workflow to be triggered and not just have it done silently in the back-end?

Is the change page inside of the scheduled WF? If so, that’s the problem, I would say.

Why not schedule the WF then in the next step change page?

The change page is not inside the scheduled WF. I could do that work around but it’s strange that I have to wait untill the scheduled Workflow is executed.

I just solved the issue by creating a custom event and having that scheduled workflow inside of it. Now it runs blazing fast.

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Really weird, it’s running very slow again. Damnit. @emmanuel can you pass this on to the team?

Currently it’s going fast again. Sometimes is acting really strange where I have to wait about 4-5 seconds. The API Workflow is scheduled so it shouldn’t behave like this I guess?