Personal plan and short-tearm DAU significant spike

Hello, Bubblers.
Haven’t been here for a long time and now another “the next big thing” idea visited me :slight_smile:

Let’s imagine I have a pretty simple app. Users can sign up and log in. And also fill a form with almost 20 fields. Then they push “submit” button and “create a new thing” workflow is triggered. Planned DAU (daily active users) is something about 200-2000 users. Not big amount of workflows and Personal plan seems to be enough for such an application.

But what if this app suddenly goes viral after some marketing? For example, it can go up to 20000-50000 DAU for several days (yeah, sounds like a great optimistic plan, but nonetheless :thinking:). And then DAU will return to normal level of 200-2000 users again.

So, I have some questions about such spike DAU load on an application running on a Personal plan:

  1. Will Personal plan cope with such a short-term load?
  2. If not - what is the best practice to deal with such DAU short-tearm significant increase?



The best way to gauge the capacity usage of your app is using the Logs tab. Here, you can get an idea of the capacity usage that may be needed as your app grows.

Upgrading your plan can potentially help accommodate more users by allowing more server capacity to be used toward your app’s workflows. You can upgrade your plan at any time using the Settings → App Plan section of the Bubble editor. When your app experiences more traffic, you can upgrade the plan to accommodate it.

Lastly, if you need to downgrade the plan to another plan, you will be credited for unused time on the old plan.