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Phone number autocomplete through google places api

I’m working on a project that would need the end-user to feed their location data like Location name, address, phone number, etc.

I’m using search geographic places and am able to get Name/address details perfectly, however, I’m unable to retrieve the phone number.

I have access to google places API and I’ve tried the option of retrieving phone number data via a unique place ID

, please check the GIF .

However, the data is completely off and it’s not unique to each location.

I started this project a long time back so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @gautamkrishna09 . Please check this link with the similar scenario you have right now. How to get the phonenumber using google places API - Stack Overflow By the way is your account with Google is a business plan? You can try the Google’s Business Account too. Locations setup  |  Google Business Profile APIs  |  Google Developers

Hi @bubble.helpers, I’m having the same problem, had a look at the link you shared. so the solution would be to set up my own API to google places and not use the plugin. using the call that is the link you shared? Thanks

Hi @cyriltdixon. Yeah. You must have to try that one in your app or another option is to use the Google’s Business Account subscription too. See the link |'ve sent.