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Picture uploader limited options on Android>Chrome

I could have sworn the picture uploader used to let me select a picture that’s already saved on my phone.

Now the picture uploader is only letting me take a picture or upload a picture from Google Drive.

I can get to my phone’s files, but I have to know to go to a buried menu option in Drive and navigate the phone’s directory to find the file. None of my users are going to know how to do that. It took me a few cycles to figure it out.

Is this a bug, or a setting?

It might be default behavior intended by Google. Do you have a link you could share so I could try it on my Android phone?

Here’s a page for testing the two image uploaders: picture uploader and Croppie.

On mobile, these are the only options I get.

To find images already on my phone I have to click on documents, which seems okay, but I’m immediately taken to my Google Drive documents. I have to click on the hamburger menu and find images or downloads or whatever to get to the phone’s internal data. It’s easy enough to take that extra step after I know what’s going on, but it’s weird to not get an option to go straight to the phone’s on-board files.

Mine says “Files” instead of “Documents,” but does not take me straight to Google Drive. It takes me to a file browser for Android. I wonder if it matters what your device defaults are set to? I’m on a Google Pixel XL phone, fwiw.

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