Pixelixe .com plugin

I have a real estate photography app. I take photos of homes and create 35 social media posts for realtors via pixelixe.com API. Right now it’s set up to run an api workflow on a list and the workflow for each media posts contains 2 API calls to Pixelixe. However it chokes and throws errors on anything less than 20 seconds between runs. (I need it to run at like 1 second between runs) (I am using the upgraded api workflow on a list, version 3/28/24).

Pixelixe has assured me they are built to scale and I can send simultaneous api requests. I believe I need a plugin to handle this.

Please respond with price and timeline.



Can you share screenshots of your schedule on list action, and the contents/actions of the backend workflow you’re scheduling?

What errors are you seeing?

Are you on the legacy pricing or WU pricing plans?

Hey @jeffmccutcheon ,
Dropped you a message, awaiting your response. :smile:

no plugin required. Simply use the bubble api connector and follow the instructions here Pixelixe API Reference