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Plaid - A simple way to connect and verify bank accounts

Hi @casheets123,

You’re likely referring to Plaid’s updated flow for the Link library which now requires an explicit API call for a Link Token. We already have support for Plaid’s new flow but are welcome to reach out if there’s more to explore. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I think that was it. They changed the token set up but the plug in asked for an API key or something, I can’t remember haha. It was a few months ago. But that’s great to hear that it already has support for it!

Maybe I’ll get back to it some day then :slight_smile:

When use Get Bank account details, we need to get a access_token, when using action get access code what should we put on PUBLIC TOKEN ?


Got around to playing with this today. It works great to authenticate and link by first creating a link token and then running get bank account, however when I do link an account, the Plaid modal never shows the “select account” screen, it goes straight to the successfully linked screen.

Any idea why that would be?

@copilot I contacted Plaid regarding some issues with creating a Link token in production. They told me i was attempting to create a Link token for Every country instead of US / CA which is what I’m approved for (by nature). Can you please help with this on the plug-ins backend?

Hey @PasqualeJS ,

We’d be happy to take a look if there’s more configuration required to scope your Plaid implementation. Give us a shout at [email protected] and we can take it from there. :slight_smile:

When using the CREATE LINK TOKEN action, what would cause plaid to complain that the token is the wrong type? It’s throwing an error that it expected an ACCESS token but got a LINK token. Not sure why it would expect an ACCESS token when in the CREATE LINK TOKEN action.

Thanks for any guidance you might be able to provide here.

Hi @bluesyBlues,

We’d be happy to explore further if you file a bug report with us which you can do through our Contact page. :+1:

Thanks for sharing the way to connect and verify bank accounts

hello everyone

today I spent 4 hours trying to get the plaid plugin working and I’ve purchased the course but too much has changed since the release I am up to 23 minutes into the course where the task is to get the transactions and I keep getting an error message (see below image) I’m not sure if I have the right information can someone help?