Please help me with responsiveness

Hello guys,

i am working on my app and i really struggle with responsiveness. I tried many things but it still looks really bad. As you see on the pictures it looks terrible, i do not know how i can fix this.

As you see the problem are the 4 picture uploaders, i put them in 1 group so it maybe will work, but still not working. Anybody any tips?

I would strongly e’xourage you to get either the @mattmazzega template, either the Airdev Starter Template @stephanie . Both will help you a lot in saving time around responsiveness. You will be able to use prebuild elements, and paste them in your app. At least the layout components. Very good.

May the responsive force be with you @samedgurses46 :wink:

Can you share your editor link? I will be able to provide some help.

@J805 might be a good person to go to if you need 1 on 1 support with responsiveness


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