Please Remove the Bubble Footer on debug_mode

This Bubble branded footer is extremely frustrating. It makes good design extremely difficult.

Even when navigating to an app’s domain with ?debug_mode=true appended to the url, the debug footer is invisible, the domain redirects to and the branded footer reappears.

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This isn’t a bug, when you don’t use the ?debug_mode=true within the URL you’re saying to the site that you don’t want to view the debugger anymore. Sorry, but that’s the way Bubble brands their “free” sites. If you wish to remove the branding, purchase one of the paid plans, you can alternatively do a post and tag it as “Idea”, but I don’t think they’d get rid of the branding. Although yes it can be kind of an eyesore, but it does motivate you to want to purchase one of their paid plans to remove it, anyways as it sits, it’s not a bug, it’s just part of the functionality of Bubble.

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Please read the post.

The bubble footer branded footer should not be appearing in debug mode. The debug footer should be visible, but it isn’t.

@csblack The branded footer is not visible on paid plans.

Thanks for the reply. I understand this. Is it Bubble’s intention to disable the debug footer on free apps?

The debugger is only visible when the user is also the user that is edit rights on the app (so you should be logged in as a bubble user in the same browser as the one you’re using the test your app).

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I’m logged in as the app owner. It seems to be an issue in Safari.

@csblack Is this even when you preview from the editor? There have been a few reports where going to the url directly with the debugger doesn’t show it while previewing it shows it. If both methods don’t show, one more thing to check is previewing in safe mode as some plugins/custom css can interfere then email Support.

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