Plugin Add to Calendar - HTML element isn't displayed


I want to add an Add to Calendar button, but I don’t understand why I get this :

here the demo public app : bebubbletest | Bubble Editor

The HTLM element with static values works

but the HTML element with dynamic values doesn’t

Does someone know what’s going on here ?
Thanks for your help

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Im wondering if it requires a “date type” as once you add formatted as to the date there it becomes a string.

A stting is needed actually
From the doc : "Start date of the event. Accepts most date/time formats, e.g. 11/22/2017 03:00 PM (12-hour format) or 22-11-2017 15:00 (24-hour format). "

If you take all the html out and leave the dynamic refs, do you see all the data you would expect to see?

yes, with static values it works. I wonder if a refresh of the element isn’t needed after the page as loaded since the button work Async.

Whats the service? have you got a link to the doc? the html element is a bit of a pig for doing these sort of things with. we may have to use toolbox or a quick plugin wrap.

See the link in my first post “Add to Calendar”. You’ll get to the doc of the button

There you go mate, give that a shot.

Thanks @jarrad
So it only works when we put first the JS script :

Why it doesn’t work with the script from the HTML Page header ? I would like to understand

It’s more than likely because by having the js reference in the HTML element it’s not able to physically load until the page has loaded the element.