Plugin & Editor Wishlist

Hey Guys,

I have been compiling a wish list for things that I would love to see in the Bubble Plugin editor and editor. Some are straight forward and other may require more work so I thought I would share them all here and hopefully someone in @Bubble like @emmanuel or @josh can provide some feedback if possible.

  1. Ability to use Google maps APIs credentials that the user has already provided in the editor in the plugins.

  2. Ability to add custom css classes to elements directly in the editor like we do for ID attributes. This will give us the ability to customize elements across all classes instead of a list of element IDs

  3. Dynamic options in the plugin inspector. I think this is a big one. Many of us developers find it time consuming and difficult to set the the inspector fields in a way that makes it easy for users to understand and navigate. By having fields show and hide depending on the selection made by the users makes the this a whole lot easier

  4. Access to add and manipulate Bubble cookies. We all know that we can create our own cookies with a few lines of code. But it will really help to have a native function that we can create cookies directly from the plugin editor.

  5. Ability to access root folder with code. This can help in SEO sitemaps, robots.txt or anything else that needs root access.

  6. Editor plugins. This is a BIG one. Creating plugins for the editor and not for the app. This will add an additional tabs to the editor like in WordPress that can be used to build tools that augment the Bubble App Editor. For example like in point 6

  7. SEO strategy builder built directly in the app editor. Alright this should be at the :heart: of Bubble, and where Bubble falls short. The editor should contain a section where the user can define the SEO strategy or options. So the user defines what elements are H tags, links, alt images and what database information should be indexed or shared with the search engine.

  8. Keys in the plugin editor should support drop downs and uploads like files. Right now the plugin editor allows you to add text fields but not upload files like CSS files or a predefined selection

  9. Alpha inputs for all colors. Some elements or colors don’t have an alpha input.

  10. Native support for mutation observer. I think this important and it’s a BIG headache trying to add your own. Since Bubble does not render a hidden element in the DOM except when it’s visible we need a simple way for the plugin to run, rerun or be alerted when an element appears on the page. This is useful when create a plugin the manipulated the DOM as it will not run on elements that are not rendered, hence rerunning the plugin code

  11. Padding and Margins. I spend a lot of time making things looks neat and clean and by no able to add a Padding to one side and not the other or having to build something without margins is a pain always. I think this is easy.

  12. Compile in-line style of the app to css.

  13. Error handling for workflows, endpoints and API calls. I understand it’s not easy to do in Bubble but we should have the ability to Handel errors the way we see fit.

  14. A more direct and simplified way of adding 3rd party fonts. Also the ability to enable the font we need to see in the inspector instead of having a huge selection of all the fonts at once that causes the editor to become sluggish

  15. A more natural way to test plugins developed instead of navigating back and forth between the plugin editor and the app used for development.

In conclusion these are my thoughts. There are lots of tools emerging that are eventually going to catch up to what Bubble has did and probably improve upon it so let’s not let them do that.

Anyone has other suggestions? Please contribute


@AliFarahat Thanks for the detailed feedback. Some of these are already on our list for the next few months. We’ll keep you posted.

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+1 for Point 4 (Dynamic options in the plugin inspector)

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IAnd +1 for gmaps key (item #1) — had this thought yeseterday and hadn’t seen this post b4!

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It would also be great if we could use a “toggle” type action for data in lists. For example, when button A is clicked add item to list (when it isn’t already in list) or remove item from list (when it is in the list).

What about the ability to set an elements size in % of parents container?

That would make design so much easier - thoughts?

Very good list of suggestions!

I can say that point #2 is now possible. I just published a new plugin, Classify, that allows to add custom classes directly in the editor. Have a look