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{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

time slots are set using the TopCal timeslots plugin.

i think there are several ways to create timeslots though.

what i can give you is a way to get end dates based on input dates.

so if you have a list of start times, you can feed that into one of the calendar elements and get out an end date.

i just updated the google account. you should be able to sign in now.

This plugin may work too for the time slots

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First, thank you for this amazing work @jared.gibb

I wanna ask about Start date time of a google event item, i think its get as text, is possible to convert to a bubble date ?

Thank you

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nice catch! i have fixed the issue give me about 30 minutes and i will push an update. just putting the final touches on the month view dots before the push

Preview screenshot


Google calendar dates are returned as bubble date objects ANDDDD dot events are live

Hey @josemansilva , i forgot to update you! this fix is ready to go!

all google dates will be output in a google date object allowing you to format the date however you wish!

You can now use FOnt Awesome in your events!!!!

include this code piece a tthe beginning of any title with any working font awesome icon and have it appear for month view. it will be available in other views coming soon!

my plans now include making this a little more automagical. it would be an optional input field in the calendar and if one doesnt exist, no issues will occur!

[update further on same day]

Resource View

resource view is literally on it’s way! This takes a little bit of work to impleement but will make this so much more powerful!

check out all the possible views here. this matches the other most popular calendar option out there but for so much less!

You can preview the upcoming resource and timeline view features by going here!

all that’s left to do is add in the input fields and background logic to deal with these events vs regular objects and to update the object models used to input and get out data!

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Resource view is ready!!!

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.29.59 PM

and it has all these views too!

exposed data/states were updated too!

Who coded that ish? THis guy!

I am open to feature requsts. the next features will be some tweaks and introducing recurring events as an option!


That GIF :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Looking amaze!

@jared.gibb Thank you for this amazing work. After your update my Google Auth says im
Unauthenticated, so i have a workflow to login again with google and even that dont resolve the problem. I try logout / login and then Google again and still dont work

The service FullCalendar's - Read Google Calendar Events  just returned an error (HTTP 401). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:

      "error": {
        "code": 401,
        "message": "Request had invalid authentication credentials. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See",
        "errors": [
            "message": "Invalid Credentials",
            "domain": "global",
            "reason": "authError",
            "location": "Authorization",
            "locationType": "header"
        "status": "UNAUTHENTICATED"

@josemansilva Can you show the workflow.

One thing to do when you get this error is be sure to include a logout button. Even if that error says they’re not logged in, manually log the user out.

@eve is this expected behavior with social logins? The bubble system isn’t always automatically re authenticating users and requires a manual logout to be able to re-authenticate. This is something I’m usually experiencing after several uses of the same token.

My user dont use a Social login. (is this the problem ?)
Do you mean logout from bubble account or logout from google calendar ?

can you try to use the standard ‘logout’ bubble action, then try to authenticate again? do you mean you use the bubble login, then authenticate the user later?

Yes, i use bubble login and authenticate the user later.

I try standard logout and login again, then authenticate with google in order to sync Calendar events.

The only fix i found is if i try a different google account, then switch back to the desire google account. In this way start working again

Hmm. That is strange. It seems like the token expires but bubble isn’t recognizing this. And until we are given access to that info refreshing the authenticated users token is impossible.

I’m hoping eve or someone from bubble support could chime in.

The fact that you can re authenticate only after a second user authenticates tells me there is something funny with the way bubble is handling the tokens since it’s out of our hands using this login/auth method.

@josemansilva i plan to continue researching this issue to see if I can improve the ease of use. I’m sorry you’re having this issue.

No problem thank you for the support. I just want to know if i logged the user with google at beginning instead bubble login can resolve the issue

I think so. that’s what works for me. I would give them the option from the beginning to use google sign in or to sign up using their email.

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In process! I am just working up the recurring rules generator element! This opened up the ability to create a genera use time slot generator and with a bit of extra coding should be intelligent enough to recognize when a time slot is occupied and not put that out in its array of available time slots!!!

I am working on the next feature right now. You will be able to create rules for recurring events on your calendar. You will be able to move recurring events that are all part of a group together we will be able to change their times together. You will also be able to create a list of available date times and block out any that are currently in a list that you have of “busy” date time ranges. I am looking to make this an all inclusive calendar package.

Stop talking dirty to me!!

This sounds really cool @jared.gibb :slight_smile:

Do I need the TopCal plugin to be able to use your calendar plugin at all? Or just some of the features require TopCal? I did get gungho and just put the element on the page and started to try and set it up but nothing is displaying (as in not even a blank calendar) so realised I probably needed to set aside some proper time to focus on the instructions…yes I’m the same way with Ikea :rofl:


The top Cal plug-in is not needed though it pairs nicely. @gf_wolfer did an awesome job putting that plug-in together and it works really well to create and block out timeslots. It doesn’t produce certain other elements that the calendar requires so I created an element that packages with my calendar that you can add to a page to produce the extra lists of items you would need to complete a calendar event like an end time, color, identifier.

After you place the element on your page you will need to add the initialize calendar action in a workflow. Be sure not to initialize the calendar until the element is visible. I realize that sounds weird though because the calendar is already invisible until it’s initialized, you just need to make sure that it’s not technically hidden per bubble standards. I.e. if you click the checkbox this element is visible on page load in the group that’s holding that element is visible on page load and you initialize the action in the workflow it should work just fine.

See this page

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The intelligent Timeslot generator / repeating events rule generator is nearing readiness for testers? It will pair and package perfectly with this calendar plugin and may get sold on the side as a standalone!

who’s up for some testing in the next week?!

You test, you keep, fo free

For a note to anyone else interested this utilized the rrulejs and Luzon libraries and wasn’t too difficult to throw together. Now to make sure it works cross timezone!

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I wanted to reach out and let you know what I have found out. After emailing with bubble support, although the documentation would indicate that their system will handle refreshing the token automatically, they don’t do that unless you use one of their plug-ins. That’s weird but whatever. I think what it has to do with more is the number of times i login or refresh the browser screen. I’m not totally sure on that and don’t quote me. So, long story short it won’t refresh the token automatically the way that we would expect it to, so I think I’m gonna do some dirty work and put out a Google calendar API that includes refresh token calls and instructions for how to do set up this flow. Essentially what bubble told me is that if my API has a token that I need to worry about refreshing I will need to do it on my own and set up API calls and work flows that will handle that. Which is crazy. And it makes me feel like they should just give me access to the damn refresh token that they are getting in the first place but noooooo, it’s hidden. Maybe somebody else has some more insight on this but that’s what I am at so far

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I’ll put my hand up to test the repeating events - my users would be VERY happy if I could roll a solution out for them :smiley:

Got the calendar showing after adding the initialize workflow (of course :rofl: )