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{Plugin} - Full Calendar Scheduler Suite

Amazing update Jared!

I see you have implemented the injected HTML for the icons! Awesome. This was one of the features I was testing with you last time. Really cool you implemented it so fast!

I am looking forward to having your more as a full-time Bubble Consultant! Good luck with the transitioning!


Hi Jared, I’ve been working with your Full Calendar Scheduler Suite (free version) to see if it’ll work to input events but I’m not getting that functionality and the documentation doesn’t seem to cover this use case. Perhaps I’m missing it.
Is this plugin suitable for multiple users “providers” to input their (say, weekly) availability - with no standardized time of availability, some will be 30 minutes and some will be 2 hours, so they can select blocks of 30 minutes of availability - and update the DB of availabilities based on this input?
Or, if this plugin won’t work, I’d be grateful if you have another suggestion.
Thanks so much.

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Hell yeah. Send me a meeting request for next week and I’ll put something together with you in a live build.

You can basically recreate Calendly with that plugin.

this is messy but check it out anyway. it’s been months since i’ve done any work using this project or plugin. sorry for the shoddy support!

I had the exact same problem but I couldn’t figure it out. I ended up just using bubbles native features and it works fine. If you did figure it out though, let me know!

Hey, @jared.gibb,

Can this plugin achieve this?

  1. Click on a day of the calendar and set the view to day view and set the day selected
  2. List view (
  3. All screen height (
  4. Have custom buttons for next day and change views
  5. Display different event captions depending on conditions per event
  6. For the event color field, have the option to select a link object’s text, like a text attribute from an option set, the Bubble’s Full Calendar plugin only allows a direct text.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:


i honestly dont remember. maybe? it’s free on the market place, take a peek! :slight_smile:

you can set it to fill a div, yes.

hellz yeah

not sure what you mean here but proabbly not.

why are you setting event colors outside of the calendar?


Ohh, okay.



For example, have a condition like:
When This Calendar's current event name is empty, change the event caption to xyz

And when we see all the events in the calendar, each event can have a different text, one can have the event’s name, and another can have xyz

You can take a look at this.


Your plugin is not working right now!

I need your help IMEEDIATELY



I made our calendar function with your plugin
your plugin shows nothing at all…
It needs help immediately


and when i try to add s schedule
It shows like this

update your plugin and try again pleaes. can you also please share how you are configuring the plugin? Your issues are very vaggue, what’s not working?

Could be linked to this Major outage with dependencies - #11 by fbrown

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I’ve just updated the plugin to not use that as an external dependency. can you please update and try again.

Seems bubble got beef with unpkg today

I’ve fixed the issue in my paid plugin. :wink:

I’ve fixed the issue in the free plugin

Hey @jared.gibb , is the function using rrule available yet? I can’t find it.