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[Plugin Update] Full Calendar

Good questions, thank you for asking.
(1) The reason this was released as an update rather than a new Plugin was because we weren’t changing or even updating any functionality, just updating the underlying library to address a handful of reported bugs with the existing Plugin. If we had simply deprecated the existing plugin, we would be essentially forcing existing users to migrate to a new plugin just to have their bug fixed.
(2) We reserve Bubble Versions for breaking changes only - that is, an update to the platform that knowingly breaks an existing way of doing something (though, for good reason :wink: ). This update did not meet that criteria. Unfortunately, there was a breaking bug reported after the update, but this was due to legacy app language settings not playing nice with the new library and was quickly resolved by gracefully handling the legacy app language. Breaking changes usually require intervention from the user to update their settings, workflows, UIs, etc.

This does bring up a good point about versions for hardcoded Bubble-built plugins though, and I’m totally on-board. Rest assured it is something we are looking into so that you all will have more control over when you receive any Plugin updates.

When you have available views set to “month only” you get two “today” navigation buttons on either side, which is fine on desktop.


But when the calendar shrinks for mobile they stack and look terrible. Could you please fix this? There is no need to have two “today” navigation menus, especially on mobile.


Thanks for bringing this up - definitely not an ideal user experience! Do you mind filing a bug report for this? We’ll take a look ASAP.

@nickc I filed a bug report as you requested. Thanks!

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Hey folks, Pete from Bubble engineering here.

Just wanted to let you know that, responding to feedback here, we’ve just released an update to the calendar plugin which allows you to choose whether you want events to be displayed in “dot” or “block” format. Here’s block:

And here’s dot:

Our earlier upgrade set the default to dot, but we’ve set the default back to block, since that’s what it was before.

Thanks for using the plugin, and we’ll continue to do our best to address the other issues mentioned here as well!


Has this been fixed or have you found some kink of work around for the mobile view showing two “today” menus?

Are there any plans to implement the Resource feature from Full Calendar? I use it in every aspect of my App but I’m using a plugin that hasn’t been updated in over a year, I’d like to update to something much more stable.

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Hi @nickc @pete1 !

I’ve also experienced that lack of responsiveness issue on top . It´s the only step lacking for mobile adoption. Is there an estimate to fix that ? Cheers :+1:

+1, looking for ressources too!

It’s being worked on, though unfortunately, the FullCalendar library does not extend much control over the toolbar, so the required solution is a bit more involved than we first expected.

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too all followers of this bugs, there is a aknoledge bug report going on

Meh. Depends on how much custom css work you wanna do!

For those looking for alternatives:

Pending approval of my documentation and a couple tweaks I will be releasing my own full calendar Plugin. It should also tie in nicely with the TopCal plugin for scheduling dates.

Check it out here


A more complex set up

Is there any way to change the colour of the labels in the Full Calendar? Right now they are a dark gray, an even darker gray, and a dark blue.
I’m also following the “bug” that results in two “today” labels being shown when the month only view is selected. Looking forward to a better design to that issue.


This has been fixed !!

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