Populate Default value Dynamic Dropdown based on Results

Good Day,

i would like to populate a default value of my dynamic dropdown based on the database that i entered.

i have a page that has a results

and i want that results to be editable so what i did is

i created a pencil icon so when clicked it will show a popup form that contains the results in a editable form

i set the Location dropdown choices to dynamic which will get data from the Location data that i created.

I was able to achieve that.

now what i want is to make the Default value be the same as the Results like what you see on the 1rst image.

the form default value should be like this

so if i will change the default value and click SAVE button it will update the Results

hope you guys got what i’m trying to say here :smiley:

Please Help


up for this waiting for reply

Can you set up a public app with your example in it ? Or make your app public ?

It is often the best way to get help.

I think is see what you are trying to do, so you probably want to set the default value to “this cell’s location”.

I took a quick look. At first glance, I think you need to send the current cell’s data to the pop-up when the edit icon is clicked. Workflow action: Element Actions > Group: Display data. You should probably have this step before the show pop-up step.

i managed to show a default value but it’s showing a different entry

i tried what you said but im not sure what to put in the data source

If I recall correctly from looking at your app earlier, I think it should be just Current cell’s Attendance. So you’re passing data from the current cell’s attendance to the pop-up, then, since you have it auto-bound, the location field can show that attendance record’s at-location value by default … I think. Sorry, hard to say without having your app in front of me again, right now, but do try that.

i tried but it seems not working because it was labeled as red it seems needing something to add more

i managed to show a default entry but it showing a different entry

here’s my settings

this is solved thank you so much guys for the Help…

the solution is to Display data Element = Pop Up ( Edit Information ) what i did before was set the element to the repeating group which is the test_results then make the Dropdown field Place Holder point to its Section or Column like what you see on the image above

Thanks Again

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