Popup on mobile appearing in half way down screen

I have a two column popup that wraps to one column on moble (essentially doubles in height).

I am using Transition NoBounceDownIn to show the popup

When the popup appears on desktop or other screen that allows for two columns, it appears 50px from the top of the screen as expected

When on a mobile or other device where the columns to wrap into one and double the height of the popup, it appears half way down the screen.

I have other popups that have dynamic heights, but this is the only one that has an issue.

Any smart people out there know how to fix this kind of issue?

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  1. Are you using new reponsive engine or the old one?
  2. Second how are you displaying it? Are you maybe animating it?

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I’m using the original responsive engine, as my current app is still on that (won’t be upgrading anytime soon). And the transition animation is NoBounceDownIn.

Interestingly it works fine if the window is tall enough to expose the bottom of the pop-up, but as soon as one pixel is not visible, the animation goes haywire!

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