Popups keep stretching across the screen unless I refresh 20 times

I keep having this issue on my new app. I create a popup with input fields on it. Half the time when I open the popup it looks normal, but then other times (like 2 minutes later, same PC, same browser, same record open) it will open like this:

Stretching is across the screen. If I go under Responsive tab in the editor, and I select the popup from the pick an element dropdown to see if it’s something there, no popup ever opens, instead just this does:

But what is frustrating is if I just refresh the page a bunch of times or even just open the popup in the editor, delete a field and paste it back, just so the preview page tells you to refresh, it usually will work fine for a few minutes before starting again so very confused.

I’m thinking it’s an animation issue. Do you have the pop up animate a specific way? Try just showing the pop up instead.


Thanks for the fast reply! Yes I do have it animate as I thought that looked cool haha. I just tried and it seems like it’s working but I’ll give it a bit before confirming for sure, as generally making any change that forces the page to display the “you need to refresh” message causes it to work for a few then stop. So far so good though I removed the animations and seems good thanks!!!

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Glad that helped. Animations are not reliable. They look cool but are just not functioning well in bubble. You should be good now. Should fix the problem. :+1: :grin: