Preventing Fake accounts

i have a data sheet for “Registered Account Names” and i’m not sure how to check the fields value is in the Date sheet

help please? :confused:

I believe what you’re trying to do would be like this.

When ‘search for registered account namess’ contains this inputs value.

That should trigger whatever you’re trying to do when the input matches a registered account name.

It’s always asking for something else -_-

i just want it to prevent the user signing up if he/she is using an annount name that is already signed up


What is the registered account names data type? text, number or something else?
Also what is the inputs content format?

“Search for Registered Account Name” (constraint name=this input’s value):first item is empty

You can also do “Search for Registered Account Names”:converted to list contains this input’s value

Also confirm that this input’s value and the Name field are of the same data type

Like this:

Yes that should work

yes that worked Thank You :slight_smile:

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