Private pages for individual users

Hi all,

I am working on an app for which I want to have an admin user and several other users.
For each ‘other users’ I would like to have the same login page, but depending on their email address, they should be redirected to their own pages.

How could I build the app that it should work like this? (so the only the person who’s the page about can she the information)


I would create a page and set the content type to User. Then set all elements to be dynamic to that page’s user. When the user logs in, make the login workflow populate the dynamic page with current users info and then navigate them there.

I assume you know that you can set a field for a Role. Have your admin go one way and then all other users go the other way. Then customize the page for each users as explained by @deliriousmiles
Have fun with Bubble…

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Thanks a lot!

I actually don’t exactly know how to set a field for a Role (it’s my first bubble app…)

I suggest going through the interactive lessons from Bubble. They take only a few minutes to complete and will at least give you a basic understanding of how things work and the basic functions and buttons that can be used.

They’ll roughly let you understand how the field database work as well.

Sorry for the delay…

I did took all the interactive lessons, will take a second/third look at them.

lições interativas da Bubble seria possivel passar o link? Por gentileza!

Here’s the links. They should actually be on your homepage when you first log in.