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Problem Displaying pop up

Hi all, i’m trying to get my pop up to work for an entry form but its not coming up. Every time I run a preview and click the button for the pop up to show, the rest of the screen darkens and only the inputs show up but no “submit” button or the “cancel” button that I have. Any suggestions?

Can you share a link?

Hopefully this is how i share a link…

first post on the forum :-/

This is what its supposed to look like.

i’ve found that when i click off of where the popup box is when i’m in the page, it displays for only a brief second and then it disappears. And then after that, nothing.

You deleted the popup right? Can’t find it. Did you figure it out?

Yea, I ended up just making it another page for now so I can keep moving forward. Ill have to attempt the pop thing again later on.


Chris M

Okay, let us know if you hit that issue, it shouldn’t be an issue.