Floating group must be direct child of page issue

Hello guy,

I’m pretty new, and i know this is a pretty dumb question, i already asked about it in a related topic (didn’t get response) but i have issues about image
When i go to the workflow tab and edit the parent to be the page itself, it just brought me to the page workflow, and doesn’t resolve the issue, how do i resolve this ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

This usually happens when you have floating groups inside reuseable elements. Are you able to share an editor link so we can take a look?

Hello Duke, thanks for your reply, how can i share editor link please ?

Up please :confused:

When you have your Bubble editor open on this app, just copy the URL in the browser and paste it in a private message here in the forum to whoever you want to see it.

Before you do that, go into your app settings and set it to “Everyone Can View” or “Everyone Can Edit” so your Bubble guru can actually get into the app.