Problem setting up API Connector

I am trying to connect to the Dailymotion API using the API Connector plugin. However, the API requires an Authentication Code which is in the URL. Is there a way using dynamic inputs for the values (below)

Without this, the API returns an error:

I hope this makes sense. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re trying to allow Daily Motion users to login and interact with their Daily Montion data on your site. Hopefully that’s correct. If so, oAuth can be a little tricky to setup if you’re trying to manage it manually. Bubble provides an easy way to set it up and use it and you don’t have to worry about making calls for tokens as long as you aren’t looking for offline access.

At the top of your API connection select oAuth User-Agent Flow, then you’ll get a bunch of fields that you’ll need to populate. After populating them, based on Daily motions documentation, press the authenticate button. That will take you through the oAuth process to set up the connector. After that you can start setting up all of your calls to things like a user’s videos.

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I’ll try this out. Thank you for your help @Kfawcett!

I have changed the Authentication to ‘OAuth2 User-Agent Flow’ and filled in the rest of the inputs, however, for me the layout of the inputs is different, and I do not have an Authenticate button:

@dylanwares See steps under ‘Warning’. You can add a button on a page with ‘Signup/login with a social network’ > select Dailymotion call from the dropdown > preview in runmode > try to login with your Dailymotion account > once you are logged in, you will get a success message > back in plugin tab, the initialize / authenticate button will be visible for that call

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Apologies, I only use the plugin editor, so the interface is slightly different. In addition to what Neerja mentioned, you also need to remove all of the parameters after authorize. Bubble should automatically add them.

It should look like this.

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