Problems creating a charts visualisation page

Hi all Bubble addicts ,

I’m beginner in Bubble, I try to train myself but here I’m blocked :
What I’m testing is an upload of an excel file on a page that goes directly to a second page to show these data in charts visualisation

  • Page “index” : “upload” button, then I upload an Excel file- when this file is uploaed I go directly to a second page “visu” where I can see my data in charts, I found the plugin “Line Charts” that seems to be the right one for this job.

My problem :

  • “index” page and the upload button is OK, I can upload a file
    => In the workflow these actions :
    When FileUploader upload’s value is changed
    Create a new upload type “upload”
    Go to page “visu”

  • At this moment I don’t know how to send the file I’ve uploaded to “Line Charts” and make the visualisation happens on the page “visu”

If you’ve got tips on what I’m doing wrong and what to do next, many thanks !

You will need to get your User’s uploaded data into the database and then bring that data into your chart.

This is going to be difficult with Excel files as there will be a lot of background noise preventing you or Bubble from extracting the data. It should be possible with CSV format though.

See this post on a user-led CSV upload flow.


Hi edwardbutcher many thanks for your help, I have to upgrade my pricing plan to access to the CSV upload , I’m working on it !

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