Progressive Web Apps

I really want to read your tutorial! I really want to know how to get an app like button for users’ homescreens and offline messaging.


Hi Daniel - any update on your pwa tutorial?


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Progressive Web Apps can be done with Jasonette.

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Hi @zelus_pudding

You maybe want to give a try on this free wrapper (having also all native functions).

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we have our tutorial but is in spanish, I havent have time to translate it


Hi, Thanks for sharing that document !
-Please could you tell me if you tested yet, and if it working ?
-Also, What we need, make it before constructing or after our job in Bubble is done ?

Same here, keen on the tutorial

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@avala @rico

YES! It does work, we have one application running on that, the pwa configuration can be added at any time of your development process.

The only thing that can’t be accomplished because the way bubble is created, is the possibility of having offline functionality, but you can have the auto-installing feature and notifications

I promise I will upload an English version, Im having lots of work lately


You talking about magic leap

Hi, would have the English Version of your paper (PWA) for me? I have set it up “on my own ideas” with some amended JS, but I think the problem is the “non deferring” Js around the page, which is then making the app quite slow at start. So I would be happy to check your tipps out! Thank you so much, to defer the exec. of js,

If you build your Bubble app:

  1. using layers,
  2. place a fixed bar at the bottom and at the top (+nice design),
  3. place a few lines of meta tags to go full screen and non-zoom and,
  4. get your users to use the Add to Home Screen, which places an icon on the phone screen*

You have an experience that is, for most users, indistinguishable from native.

  • most common reaction I get “oh, I didn’t know I could do that”
    my most common response: “I think some one doesn’t want you to know, wink!”



:thinking: interesting…