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Promotion available on weekday X, Y, Z from X-Y o'clock

Hi all

In an ecommerce app I am setting up a promotion data type. The promotion needs to have a setting for when to be applied to your cart.

Let’s say you have a bookstore, and between 10:00 am and 12:00 every Monday and Tuesday, there is a 10% discount on all items. So I would need to save two ranges that say “Tuesdays from 10-12” and "Mondays from 10-12)

I’m not sure where to start on this. I have a feeling date range might be used, but I’m not very familiar with it yet. Anyone have any experience setting up something similar?

I made a sample app for someone w/ similar question:

The editor link to see behind the scenes:
Go to and append /page?name=index&id=deals-playpen&tab=tabs-1 to the URL.

Also see this post:

Play around and ping w/ any questions.

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Awesome, thank you @daniel3! Checking it out right now!

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