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Prompt the user to share geolocation again

If the user already denied location sharing, is there a way to have the browser just ask again with the same built in popup? OR is there a way to manually ask the user again and manually enable location sharing from Bubble?

I doubt it, that would be quite “spammy” to be able to re-ask.

What you can do as show a message if the current location isn’t set.

Bear in mind the Chrome started to not allow Location Sharing from non SSL sites earlier this year.

Yeah, I was hoping for an easy way to access the setting. As easy as the popup the browser provides the first time.

What I’ve got now is just a popup with brief instructions on how the user can manually find the setting in their browser and change it.

I think that is the best you can do. Annoyingly it is browser specific.


my app uses google maps and i also installed the google API.
When using Chrome, even when allowing location, it usually doesn’t show the correct location (and sometimes seems it only generate the country and not the city etc.).
since most of my app depends on location, and i want users to be able to launch it through their smartphones, i don’t know what to do :frowning:

Maybe someone can help?