PSA - App-wide Reusable element + Group Focus/popup = ULTIMATE POWER

To whom it may concern, in lieu of Bubble’s native support of app-wide templates, the amount of “template” functionality you’re able to harness using a site-wide reusable element (in my case a header bar) that includes nested popups/alerts/group focus elements is amazing. I have been able to manage an enormous amount of data creation, notification, navigation and alert functionality that I didn’t have to rebuild on every. single. page. Much power, very scalable.

I’m almost to a beta on the app I’ve been developing for the past 6 months, and I’ll definitely post it up in the showcase when it’s all done, but if anyone has any questions about this pro tip just reach out!


I totally agree that we are underusing that power. If I had to redo my program, it would be much smaller and faster performing with maximum use of scheduled ‘api workflows’.

For people who don’t know :wink: PSA Professional Services Automation Software

You mean “Very power, much scalable”.
With that aside, thank you for the tip!

Hi @richardsherman

New utlimate power between Bubble and native apps.