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I am wrapping my bubble app in a web wrapper to publish on google. If I want to have a user be able to purchase a feature, is this outside of google? In other words if I am using the stripe or paypal plugin for this, does google have to know anything since app is just wrapping my site? It would be my understanding that this would not be an ‘in-app’ purchase as far as publishing or google is concerned. This would be totally bypassing google as far as the purchase… Is this correct? If so, how does Google or Apple feel about this since they are not getting their cut of the action? Please advise…

They will reject the app.

So you can’t do anything payment related and publish on mobile?

My experience is anecdotal. I’ve had friends publish webview apps to try to get around the payment things, and they got rejected by Apple and Google.

I only ever advocate for native implementations, so I don’t have any first-hand experience with it. You may be able to use the in-app purchase functionality if your wrapper supports it. I just did a quick Google search of “webview in app purchases” and found a bunch of threads of people going through the same thing. Hopefully someone has a solution that’ll work for you!

When you say native implementations, you mean within Bubble? Is there any good docs on how to make the application native and publish?

Bubble does not create native mobile applications, Bubble creates web applications. The web-wrapper you use turns your Bubble web app into a “hybrid” app, but it’s not native.

I have not gotten that far @bkhoward2001but I bookmarked this page on Zeroqode’s forum where in app purchases are discussed, amongst other things related to native wrappers. https://forum.zeroqode.com/t/zeroqode-native-apps/39/19

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