Push to Sub Apps Overwrites API Keys

We delved into utilizing sub-apps so we could provide the same backbone to multiple unaffiliated clients. It seems like a good solution, except for the process overwriting the sub apps’ API keys. The Bubble documentation clearly states that this should not occur:

However, whenever we push to sub apps - the keys get overwritten what’s on the main app:

I have seen posts in the forum back to 2021 stating that this is an issue but it didn’t say it was resolved. We posted this as a bug to Bubble and we were informed it was a known issue, but there was no timeline for it to be resolved.

This is a huge issue for us, both operationally and security-wise. Every time we push to sub-apps we have to meticulously check and re-enter API keys. Since pushing to sub-apps effectively takes the sub-apps offline until you push the new dev to live, this significantly increases our down-time. We also have to have the “secret” API keys available to our entire team in case we need to push to sub-apps for an urgent fix.

Has anyone gotten around this? Should we just scrap using sub-apps?

hey @rick4 are these API keys in the api connector? i use the sub app feature as well, and it doesn’t overwrite plugin keys, it does actually change keys in the API connector i think. what we did was store important keys as data fields for our various integrations (google calendar/zoom/microsoft sso etc.). pushing to subapps doesn’t overwrite data

generally you’ll find that bubble hasn’t put much thought into the sub app feature. it’s a super powerful tool, especially for people with enterprise clients, but there are some glaring holes that bubble hasn’t fixed and doesn’t seem intent on fixing

Hi Toby,

The API keys are input on the plugin page for our Stripe.js plugin. Perhaps it’s just an issue with that plugin (?).

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