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Rapid rise in Workflow runs, 9300 runs overnight

My application jumped from about 100 workflow runs to 9400 overnight. I received an email alert and I turned on a the username and password requirement to block whatever was causing it. I’m only on the Personal plan right now. Is this something that the server logs in the professional plan would help diagnose?

I haven’t been able to isolate the root cause, but I suspect a robot was triggering my one API workflow somehow. Is there a way to block that?

Any help is appreciated.


Just following up. I upgraded to professional and was able to look at the logs to diagnose. I found out that in doing some quick testing late last night I accidentally set up a recurring scheduled API call that didn’t do anything but use workflows. I’m not really sure how I accidentally left it that way, but I did, and thankfully since I was planning on moving up to professional anyways I still have plenty of workflows to work with.


That was going to be my guess. That it was a recurring workflow on a list of things based on a search, where the search parameters weren’t fully applied. Glad you were able to fix it. :slight_smile: