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Readability of Workflows: Workflow Tree

I love the Element Tree! How ALL the elements on the page are neatly listed. And how clicking on any one, highlights that element for easy access.

Workflows on the other hand can be very difficult to read. Clicking through the many Actions of a Workflow is tedious at best. Plus… often… other secondary popup windows along with their parameters are not even visible. Ie: Search Constraints don’t show up until Search is clicked on.

Personally, I like studying example code to learn how things are done. Without a Workflow Tree, duplicating others operations becomes problematic.

My best guess is something like this is already in the works.

PS: I have personally evaluated MANY (almost all) no-code and low-code development environments, literally waiting years, for the right combination of productivity reliability and cost. All those others, (which I could name), have fallen short one way or another. BUT Bubble continues to amazes me with it’s raw speed and reliability. Finally someone got it right…


Actually it isn’t in the work… Not sure exactly how this would look like though. Happy to hear thoughts.


I don’t need the ability to click on Elements in a Workflow Tree, to have that portion of the workflow appear for further editing. Just a logical Text rendition of all the actions and their accompanying parameters, including the Title of each popup window.

Using this text alone, I should be able to duplicate that entire Worklfow process.

This is a great idea!

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And where would it go?


Like, instead of the visual boxes for each workflow step displaying when you click on a workflow, each step would be displayed as maybe a popup text?

I was messing around a little bit and I think you can rename each workflow in the floating property editor…maybe that would help readability? So you could name “When button A is clicked…” to “Header Login Flow” or “Header Button Clicked Display Login Popup if User is Logged Out” or something?

Maybe a floating element like in the property editor that links to the documentation?

How about an on/off option something like Show/Hide Workflow Tree/Code/Operations. Then once activated, the Workflow Code, as a text summary, would appear in a popup window on HOVER for each Workflow. In this way it becomes easy to quickly read a lot of no-code code quickly.

Or, keeping with the existing format, the most logical place to put The Workflow Tree would be in the the sidebar.

The on/off switch could be placed in the sidebar, OR as a left click on a Workflow, (in addition to the cut, copy, paste), OR as an active option on the Edit drop down menu.

PS: Wherever the summary appears it would be nice to be able to copy it out for personal documentation and future reference. Also!! These summaries could be very helpful when trying to give instructions to others here in the forum.

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We’ll think about it.


We tried something :slight_smile: let us know what you think.


nice. thank you

Looking good!!

I especially like how the copy and paste is allowed.

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Let see how we can be more productive with that new display. Thanks.

First reactions:

  1. Too much text in too little area. Maybe better displayed as full length rows in a full-length line view ? See Pt. 3 here: Ideas to (hopefully) make using bubble simpler, user-friendly and faster

  2. The ‘+’ icon is too small. Might be good for tree to open up and close on clicking the workflow itself

Thanks for the try.

I second Gaurav opinion. Personally I don’t feel that such tree on the left bring productivity. On the other hand displaying workflows in a list rather than cards would be very great for apps that have many workflows.

The colums could be

  • When (=current title)
  • Additional condition
  • Notes (commenting workflows is currently a bit cumbersome as it requires 2 click to open 2 windows to edit and see comment. Instead seeing and editing the comments in the list directly would be great)
  • Folders (it could be nice if a workflow could belong to multiple folders, ie like tags. For instance the workflow to create an account could belong to the account folder and the creating folder)
  • edited element ?

Potentially the list would have the standard in place sorting/filtering from the column headers directly.

We’ve tried display all workflows in a list before, its not manageable for most users when there are many workflows (it’s a bit scary) and it gives the fake feeling that workflows run in parallel… so I don’t think we’ll move back to this.

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Thanks for the answer, I didn’t know it had been tried before.

The tiles are great to start with bubble, very user friendly. So if the list was to come back it would definitely be an additional display preference rather than a replacement.

Same, tree doesn’t help me to be honest.

Thing I know I would appreciate :
Define in App Data > Data Type a COLOR (in #HEX - not a choice btw in a limited range of colors) for each type of Thing, so all the actions boxes about Data are colored according to its referred Thing.

Here my worst workflow :confused:

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@nicolas.daprigny Wow!!! That’s one amazing Workflow!! :scream:

How do you keep track of it all? And… it doesn’t look like this includes Search parameters and Conditionals. So… yes. The side panel might not be the best place to display the entire Workflow. Certainly not with the required parameters and conditionals. But it’s idea as a selector. Click on a Workflow and a window opens up with the full detail, nicely formatted, ready to copy or print.

Just another suggestion. (It’s understood this is a work in progress.)

It will be interesting to know at least there is something in NOTES, and if yes, directly display it on workflow. We don’t use it because of that @emmanuel.
I second the point of Nicolas, Define in App Data > Data Type a COLOR in #HEX (so we can use many colours).