Reasonable Alternatives to Bubble

Have you tried both flutterflow and wappler? How was it? If you’re looking for an all in one solution for webapp/native app, what will you choose then?

nice table, thanks.
Cloudflare could be a full yes-code replace but needs some work to put all the pieces together. They have eventually consistent key-value store, logs, relational database in beta, file storage, and queues.
The price gets a little more voices with all the addons but it’s still affordable, and everything is managed.
This may be a good opportunity to test this stack :slight_smile:


I have.

Wappler, it’s a much more costly learning curve than Bubble. You can think of it as, a tool to speed up development for developers. But also allows none developers to build no-code solutions, but it really isn’t the “founder friendly non code marketing guy just playing around with some basic functions” like bubble can be.

Flutterflow, you can think of as a mix between Webflow and Bubble. It’s very intuitive, fantastic learning resources, very accessible. It’s relatively new so some functionality is not there yet. If you’re a building mobile apps, there’s no competition here, flutterflow is BY FAR the best option out there.

I’m on the fence, I was literally 3 days away from launching a new application on bubble when this pricing change was announced. I don’t rely on bubble or my app dev. for my income, I can quit developing apps at any time and all I will have is more free time. Which also means, I could postpone launching this particular application by 12-18 months and fully embrace wappler. Or I can head back to Flutterflow and fully embrace that platform which will cost me nothing for the next 12 months, but may have other drawbacks… so I’m on the fence. All I know is that I will not be continuing with Bubble from here on.


Same here. I also tried wappler last year but then get back to bubble with a hope that bubble will be good for the no code community.

Right now, I’m also checking if my app will be better built on wappler or flutterflow.

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I’m leaning towards going all in on Wappler as I don’t see how they could pull something like this. It’s a builder, not an eco system. So after having paid the initial cost of entry (steep learning curve) you should be quite future proof and have far more control of your business.

As much as I like flutterflow, it’s young, it can be bought up, their pricing model could change, they could try and lock you in more. You could pack up your flutter and leave of course, but for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, Wappler feels more robust in this aspect. But I might be wrong of course.


what drawbacks have you seen with Flutterflow. I havent looked into it much outside some quick youtube video reviews. It seems like building a SaaS enterprise type of web app might not be a good option in Flutterflow as it seems more geared towards mobile application. Is that true?

That’s my understanding of it. I haven’t built any SaaS type of web app on the platform, and I don’t know of anyone that have. Whereas Wappler, that’s sort of what it’s for.

Flutterflow is also young, there might be VC money coming in trying to lock in users more, drastically changing pricing structure etc. It just feels like a bit more of a “it could be bubble all over again” than the Wappler vibe. But the main thing would be the lack of SaaS built on the platform to date based on what I’ve seen.

If I were to build a mobile application however… Flutterflow hands down.

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Can’t you export the code with flutter flow ?

Yes you can

It’s important to remember that Flutterflow exports Dart code specific to Google’s Flutter framework so you won’t be able to move it outside of that ecosystem. It’s also not for backend logic. Once your code is out, it can’t be pumped back in.


FlutterFlow will only get you so far until you’ll be forced to learn to code to create workflows you’ll need – this may change in the future, but for now it’s missing some key functionality that will make the transition from Bubble to it challenging unless you already know how to code.

Wappler has many more “no-code” ways to build workflows. It may take a little more effort to build the UI, but it’ll be web standards complaint (unlike Bubble) and you will not be locked into any one platform. You can also build web, desktop ( via Electron), and mobile apps (via Capacitor). It will take a little longer to understand everything, but long-term you will have something that is not locked into the whims of a proprietary platform like Bubble and, if successful, you can hire normal developers to continue building the app in the future.

The beauty of Bubble has always been the ease at which it allows you to build, but you are sacrificing long-term performance and cost for that ease of initial build.


Bubble offered a lifetime plan for unlimited apps in 2022?

Reading this, I think it is time we rebel up and create our own Bubble :joy:
I too have an app that worked perfectly with low capacity that I will have to shut down.


Thank you @Kfawcett

This is exactly my thinking as well, which is why I lean heavily towards Wappler as the future proof alternative.

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Thanks for these suggestions folks

Has anyonehere tried the stack Xano+WeWeb?

For my little understanding and if FlutterFlow is not ideal for Web app Saas, i would towards either Wappler or Xano+Weweb


Great topic, I’ll be leaving Bubble as well. Looking at alternatives.


Just spent months learning the ins and outs of bubble and publishing my first app - this is super discouraging to see.


Get all us coders together to work on an open source Bubble replacement. @keith proposed it first last night so I think we should call the new tool Keith. That would be cool :smiley:

Joking of course. For now.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: let’s definitely do that! He will be our ambassador, as he already is honestly.
All our marketing material will be his songs. It will be irresistible.


So after reading all comments
Main alternatives to try -

  1. Flutterflow
  2. Wappler
  3. Weweb + xano/backendless

Thanks bubble to give 18 months time to learn and migrate to one of above platform :pray:t2: