Reasonable Alternatives to Bubble

That is what wappler offers - all in one solution - frontend and backend, different database types supported, cloud hosting supported, your own hosting supported.


To be honest, you need to know how to code JS and use Bootstrap at a mimimum to be able to use Wappler.

Bubble allows me to focus only on no-coding apps and nothing else, the speed of development is like no other and the community is awesome. And above all, it is just fun to build apps with Bubble, on good days it is like playing with Lego when you were young (and on bad days it is just a job :slightly_smiling_face:).

They must be evaluating the price model change (and it must have been a long night for them) and will probably post some kind of update today.


I don’t know any javascript and i didn’t know anything about Bootstrap last year, when i started using Wappler.
You don’t need to know them, if you don’t wish to write some custom components or add custom code.


I will take you word for it, but at the time me (and a couple of others) ran into roadblocks. I remember the client side flows/actions/ being very limited. I was not able to return a value from it or set a variable (or something related to that).

I quote @gaimed suggestion:

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Check out


I started using make and later on n8n 6 months ago. I have moved a few things over to n8n already. Even if I move everything I can to n8n, accessing the database and running the most basic workflows would make it impossible to keep my app below 150$ per month (now on the 29$ plan ).
Moreover n8n could be good for backend workflows that do not impact the Frontend but for 1-2 workflows where I had to use n8n to manipulate data before presenting it to the user, there is a huge delay. N8n is not meant to be used for running applications. It’s not optimized for that kind of workload

Appgyver for mobile. Toddle and Dittofi look good for web apps but still early days for them.

I’m sticking with Bubble for the time being, it’s only been a day and though they’ve destroyed a lot of trust I want to give them the opportunity to rethink this.


Probably Xano or Backendless

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Anyone experience with Drapcode?

You don’t need to know how to code JS, and as for knowing bootstrap… more like you need to have a basic understanding.

And the plus for both JS and Bootstrap, when you have access to the source code, is that these days… we have gpt. You can literally go to gpt and say “how do I write this function” and you can use the code.

You can’t go to gpt and say “write this function for vanilla bubble”

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It’s not possible that they don’t understand that they are killing Bubble! Excellent topic to identify alternatives! congratulations!


I tried flutterflow at once and I got satisfied. Maybe I can go with it :cowboy_hat_face:


alternatives if you want to use bubble as the ui but off load other tasks to cheaper services


What you mentioned about ChatGPT is definitely true (although I believe Keith made progress with ChatGPT + plugins and Bubble is working on integration). But why Bootstrap? Just give me Flexbox and I will be on my way. Besides that, the speed of development when using Bubble it is unmatched + conditions and realtime updates out of the box, just what I need.

About having to use JS in Wappler, I remember the client side flows/actions being (very) limited. I was not able to return a value from it or set a variable (or something related to that). In the end resorted to JS and after a while went back to Bubble.

Btw nothing bad about Wappler, if you want to choose your own tech stack, fine grained control over just about everything, performance (let me repeat, performance) Wappler is the way to go. But there are consequences (just like Bubble comes with, these days very obvious :laughing:, consequences).

Not heard of Noodl before. It looks v interesting :+1:

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For sure… the speed in Bubble for me personally is way faster than any other solution, but that’s largely due to me, after 5 years experience of bubble, not having to go find the solution anymore.

But with the way Bubble is going and the no-code landscape in general is going, I firmly believe people will be better off choosing a platform that let’s you take your code and deploy elsewhere, or hand of to your own dev team if you scale to the point where it makes sense to hire devs directly.

Sinking another 5 years into a locked platform will only make it worse for yourself down the road.


I tried Wappler during the previous pricing fiasco previously and I found that the learning process was very difficult. Wonder if they have made better tutorials since then…


You just hit the nail on the head, exactly what I worry about when Bubble pulls stunts like this.

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Not much to be honest, and that is definitely the major shortcoming of Wappler. Having to install a number of things just to get up a running, as opposed to the 5min sign up and you’re ready to go, with most other solutions is a major initial hurdle.

It will take you far longer than the free 14 day trial to set everything up before you can even start learning and developing Wappler itself.

This is where flutterflow shines however, which has MUCH better tutorials than Bubble, a far more intuitive methodology and more energy in their learning process.

It sucks having to learn a new platform, but I really do believe that the reward a couple of years down the road will certainly make it worth it.