User Compatibility and comparison features

Hey Bubble community,

I am fairly new to the world of bubble, and I would appreciate some help on adding some custom data sets/workflow rules.

What I’m looking to add is a compatibility score between two users based on the fields in their profile. I am looking to incorporate a percentage based on a weighted value associated to profile field. (Example: ice cream = 50%; color = 50%

user A: ice cream: chocolate; color: blue
User B: ice cream: vanilla; color: blue

User A & B are 50% compatible)

The other thing I am looking to add is a comparison feature that allows users to select and compare multiple groups. The second function I would like to add is a comparison function. The goal here would be to have users rate and review teachers, and allow the current user to select multiple teachers to compare their ratings simultaneously.


Current user sees a list of teachers:
Teacher A, B, C, D, E

Current user selects teachers A, C, and D to compare.

The output that the current user should see is:
Teacher A = 4/5 stars
Teacher C = 2/5 stars
Teacher D = 5/5 stars

Now the current user knows that Teacher D is rated the highest)

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me understand how to add these features to my project.

Thank you!

  • Jon

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