Recording Ziggeo Video

Hi there - thanks for the recent ability to have users upload videos via Ziggeo, amazing feature that I’ve been wanting!

One bug I noticed is the following:

  1. Press the red “Record a Video” Button
  2. This starts your camera (I noticed my computer’s camera light come on), and shows you the Light, Mic indicators, and also the Record button
  3. You’re able to press on the Record button
  4. It starts the countdown - and reaches Get Ready
  5. It stays stuck on Get Ready until you press the “Play” symbol in the middle of the video screen. Only at this point does it start recording

Would you be able to look into this? It’s an unnecessary step to have to hit that “Play” since there already is a “Record”.


Is that the Flash part ? That always seems to come up, but it may just be part of the “free” plan, I don’t think they use flash on paid plans.

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Glad you like it!
Can you please share a link to the page that has this issue? We also need to know which browser you use to access the page, and the operating system (i.e. Mac, Windows, Linux etc)

Thanks for the quick responses, George and Nigel.

It’s actually a private app - could I email the link to you, George? Let me know where to send to.


@georgeciobanu @NigelG - I’ve upgraded Ziggeo, so ruled out that it’s just the free plan.

I also have a theory now that I wanted to run by you guys and see if it’s possible, and if so what I could do to resolve.

I made a copy of my app intending to bare it down and replicate for you guys. But before deleting anything I tested it as is, and was surprised that the extra step that I reported is NOT there.

Went back to my current app, and it is there.

The only difference between the two that I can think of right now is that my original app has my own domain set, whereas the copy doesn’t.

Does that sound like something that could be the culprit? And if so, any recommendations for fixing?

Also open to other ideas of what to look into that it can be. This is a pretty high priority for us right now.

Thank you in advance!

You are right. I get the same thing. In the forum app, I just record. In an app with my own domain … I get the play.

The difference could be that one is https and the other http.

Yes, seems to be confirmed by ziggeo site.

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Thanks for confirming & the the reference, @NigelG!

Glad you figured it out. Once you sign up for the professional plan or above, you can use your domain and SSL :slight_smile:

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Looks like Ziggeo now needs an SSL to work at all ?

I don’t think it’s mandatory Nigel, but shoot them an email if you’re running into issues and you believe they recently made it so.

Hi @NigelG - we’re actually SSL now so can’t tell if it’s required or not. Try Safari perhaps?

We’ve interacted with Ziggeo before, they’ve been easy to correspond to if you’d like to reach out.

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Will ping them an email. But it

New bubble domained (so ssl) app - works

Custom domained app (no ssl) - used to work (the Flash version) but now doesn’t. You click on the “record video” and nothing happens.

Newly ssled custom domain - works.

So adding the SSL cert (nice feature!) to my custom domain solved the record issue.

Need to update your Ziggeo JS library. They will be in touch.

And actually the SSL version also fails now :frowning:

@NigelG - it’s working for us right now actually. Using Mac/Chrome. Maybe it was a temporary issue?

George has just updated the library. Which has fixed the SSL version.

But not the non-SSL version it seems. Broken on Edge, Chrome and IE on Windows 10, Chrome on ChromeOS. Works on Chrome on Android !

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Confirmed not working by Ziggeo :frowning:

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If you record Ziggeo video on your Mac, you can try the built-in tool, QuickTime. Note that it cannot record your system sound only, which is the biggest shortcoming of it. For me, I use its alternative, mac screen and audio recorder. Luckily, it can work well.

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