Recursive/looping operations on data

I’m thinking of learning Bubble to build a MVP that relies heavily on being able to make backwards and forward calls on a database, in order to virtually instantly serve up updated data. However, I read that, “Bubble’s visual language is not the most appropriate tool to develop complex algorithms especially recursive or looping operations on data.”

Do you think this means I’m wasting my time trying to learn Bubble to build this MVP?


It depends on your exact requirements and expectations. I don’t really agree with the statement you’ve shared, since recursive/looping operations is perfectly doable and can perform complex algorithmic work. That being said, there are performance limitations that you should be familiar with before you invest your time in it. If you can provide a bit more detail, it’s easier to point out what kind of challenges you can expect.

What do you want your app to do in general?
How many database records will you be working on (when you have live users)
What kind of changes will you make to them that you hope to see instantly?

Thanks Petter, have sent private message (not sure if that’s appropriate on here)