[SOLVED] After I register a seller, how do I record that in Bubble?

With the Stripe plugin, when I use the ‘Register the user as a seller’ action and the user has created their Stripe account, how do I keep a record of that in Bubble?

I’ve read https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.stripe.DefineAsSeller and I’ve set the redirection URIs in Stripe as ‘https://bubble.io/poststripeauth’ but I still don’t know how to store the seller’s Stripe ID in Bubble.


When you look at user data by inserting it in a group like this, Capture

Thanks @mbartlett21 but how do I attach the Stripe seller data to a user?

I would have expected to be able to add the seller ID to the user like I can add a charge ID to the user, but that option isn’t available.

With the Bubble plugin installed, you should have all of these “built-in” fields available for current user, including Seller account:


That takes you to “Stripe Seller account’s id”

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Thank you, Gaby! I figured it was something simple, but it’s not in the documentation.

Of course, here’s Gabby saving me today from 2018. I’m so used to making one thing call another thing to call another thing (JOINS) to get what I want that I failed to imagine Bubble’s integration made this data readily accessible on the User object. Thank you Gabby and thank you Bubble :slight_smile: