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[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

Hum… in fact, I can scroll with the mouse but the focus on items to select is very very slow, several seconds. Strange…

@Christophe_HK Can you share a demo page? Will have a look

thanks @Jici for all this work. If it is depreceted, why it is still in the Elements ?

I keep it for now so you can continue to use it, But I will not update it in future and this will be removed in V2

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Hum… i’ve created a blank new page for demo purpose, and that time it works fine, i can scroll with tge mouse. I’ve a conflict somewhere in my initial page. I’m going to have a look. Anyway thanks for your proposal ! I’ll let you know my findings.

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OK well, understood. I’ve applied the setup to avoid the scroll of the main lage while the user is scrolling in the pop-up, so that the UX is better, no need to scroll back at the unitial position when the pop-up closes. But this JS code prevents the selectize Drop-down to be scrolled using the mouse + to easily select items in the Drop-down list.

I’ve to check how to resolve this problem, as I’d prefer to keep this behavior, but also to be able to use Selectize dropdown.

FYI, the link on the forum thread dealing with the popup scrolling tip : Tutorial: Scroll within a popup without scrolling the page

Any way, Selectize dropdown is :fire::fire::fire:

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I understand! Thank you to report.
If I think about a solution, I will let you know :wink:


Thanks @Jici, but I think there’s nothing to do with the dropdown, it’s a matter of css / JS. Do not impact its behavior, it works well.

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On the demo page the expand feature is not working:

Hello @Jici I would like to confirm that your plug-in allows to do what I’m going to explain : i would like users to be able to choose one of many activities. For visibility improvement, I would like to group some of these activities together (ex : all the sports together), so that users can choose between a dropdown list of a few items : the groups name (ex : sports. When you click it, it opens you all the sport activites) and the activities that are not in a group.
Ex :

  • Sports (+ to click)
  • Hobbies (+ to click)
  • Motivation

Thank you very much

Hi @lucaspenanguer No I don’t think it’s possible to do that actually. There’s no custom HTML for group for now. I don’t know if this would be possible with that feature.
This is more the kind of thing you can achieve with nested RG for now
The dropdown follow more a traditionnal dropdown behavior that should group with options that you can select in this group.

I will check next week if this is possible to create a custom HTML for group header with a function that could collapse the content

Thank you for your fast answer and your kindness, I will organize myself differently.

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Hello @Jici ,

I have several Selectize dropdown in a popup, and I don’t succeed in removing the transparent overflow when the list of options items is uncollapsed, I mean when the list expands, the other elements above the list seems to be displayed atop of the list. I tried to change the z-index of the dropdown and list using CSS styling, but no effect, still under the other elements… Even setting the dropdown to the front and the other elemnts to the back.

Do you know a way or tip to get the list expanding correctly ?

Many thanks!

I noticed the Initial Values can’t be set with conditional, when in a pop-up with a datatype. The reset popup does not reset the Initial values of the dropdown.

So I now use the Set selected items action when the pop-up is opened (I have 6 dropdown in this pop-up, the this action is called 6 times…), but when the page is loaded, the first time the pop-up is opened, I get the following error message :

This message does no more appear after. Only the first time after the page load.

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In popup,you can prevent this by making the dropdown hidden and add a condition to only show dropdown when the parent is visible
For the condition for initial value, the best is to use currently the Set selected Items action and always when the dropdown is visible.

I’m working on a new feature for conditionnal that will update plugin settings (actually, not all settings can be updated with the conditionnal tab). It may fix your case.

Don’t hesitate to send me a PM and I can help you get this fixed :wink:


For the issue with Overflow, don’t forget also to check group that dropdown is in.
Can you also share a screenshot? Will be easier for me to help you.

In some case, your can use the RG overflow feature for element like focus group. Enter an attribute ID to focus group and set it in the dropdown setting for RG ID Attribute and set RG Display to overflow. This will work too. It may work for popup too if you need the DD to overflow the popup.

Thanks to reports @justin.hume . Will have a look tomorrow.

Hey @Jici,

Many thanks for your feedback!

I solved the plugin error message for the Set selected items action by removing these actions from the Workflow triggering the pop-up display, and I moved them to the “pop-up is opened” dedicated workflow, and now it works fine. I guess there was not enough time between the “display pop-up” action and the “set selected items” actions within the same workflow. So cool, now it’s perfect!


Unfortunately these dropdowns are dealing with Options set, not items from the DB (RG), so I can’t apply the setting for RG.

I checked the groups, but I think the problem is that this pop-up is a customization pop-up where users can customize the display of their page, and elements into the page (text, buttons,…). That means that I have successive groups into the pop-up, one for font customization (font type, font align, font color), one for buttons customization (button type, button background color, button border type,…).

So even setting each “dropdown’s parent group” to the front, I still have the problem.

To solve this definitively, I think I should get rid of this pop up and use a floating group instead.

Don’t hesitate to send a PM with screencast. It will give me a better idea of the issue.
Yes the OSWA is more limited. an you switch to the normal version since Bubble now allow to select attribute too?