Reset a repeating group

Hi bubblers.
am trying to reset a repeating group using element action clear list but its not working. what is required for this function to work:?

The Clear List action brings your repeating group back to its original state. (ie. what you defined in the original “Data Source” field).

If it’s the case that you want the list to show as empty, what you should do is either:

  • Easier Way: instead of using the Clear List" action, use the Set List action, and create a search that is guaranteed to return 0 results. (Remember, when a user re-initiates the search, you’ve now changed the data source. So you’ll need to have your repeating group reset if/when the user is ready to search that same group).
  • Harder Way: Set up the repeating group based on conditional logic, where you have two conditions that update the datasource. (Ie. your conditional state is show_resuts = yes / no. When show_results=yes, Data source is your intended search. When no, select Data source, but leave it empty. Be sure to add workflows to update the conditional state.

thanks. not as simple as I thought but will work it out

I have managed to solve the issue using set list ation. thanks for your help

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Hi, I’m having trouble with the same issue… Where did you find the “set list” action. I’ve searched and only see a “set state” action. This is such a simple task and so difficult to implement. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, K