Repeating group constrains on domain


As a type of user like a school admin, I want to ability to filter the list of users/students based on matching the school domain to students’ emails.

For example, school A with domain could only view students that contain for example

I have a repeating group where “email contains current user school website” it does not work properly and when I try to login as another school it still loads the same students.

Any suggestion to make this right and efficient?

Appreciate any kind of help.

Thank you.

Try using this for your repeating group: Email contains Current User's Email:extracted with Regex where the Regex is (?<=@)(.*). This will grab the domain from your email. Let me know if that works! :blush:

Hi Nsykes,

It work. Thank you. :slight_smile:

But now I see an issue. It only list the and not the depending on the user type signed. Any possible solution to cover both scenarios?

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