Repeating group constrains on email main domain


I used the following filtering to filter users where use same main domain with current user and it worked:

email contains current user email extract with regex (\w+.\w+$)

I’m not trying the same with created by for another table.:

created by is in current user email extract with regex (\w+.\w+$)

But it doenst work, I get an error.

Any suggestion?

I am no Regex expert, but I would recommend sharing a screenshot of the error message you receive in case it has valuable info for someone who does!

Try to change from “Created by” to “Created by → email” is in current user email extract with tegex will works.

Normally Created by will be the user thing (user object) so you have to expose like Creaded by → email, this is the plain email.

Thanks for the suggestion but I cannot find the created by → email

here is a screenshot of the error:

Basically, I want to show only courses created by users where it match their main domain. For example if user A and user B with emails like and can see the courses created by both.

Another way to look at this is I want to show courses created by a specific school. Each school may have many users to access the courses.

Not sure whats the best practices here.

Try to use :filtered conditions and use advanced as a filter and apply created by email with current user.

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