Repeating Group Constraint Not Working?

Hi all,

I have two data types here:

Inside of the Design data type, I have a field called “For Team” with a field type of “Team”

This is a data type called Team and has a few things like name, etc.

When I place a repeating group on a Team page and have the data source set to Do a search for Designs with a constraint of For Team = Current Page Team, I was expecting it to only return the Designs that had the current page team, but its returning ALL designs. Any ideas?

Hello @trvshowell

Check in the debugger if the current page team is empty or not. I wager that it is empty.

Try going to the origin page where you are sending the team to the team page. Send it, go there and then see if things are working.

Hey, I’m not sure that’s why as I am creating the teams first which is generating the unique IDs. Here’s a screenshot, you can see I’m on a team page with a unique ID and the repeating group is set with a constraint to only show designs where For Team = Current Page Team, but its still returning all. If I change the constraint to only be say 1 like per design, it does work, its just the For Team seems to not respect.

A couple of other suggestions

  • Check privacy rules
  • Run the search directly on the rg for now