Repeating Group goes invisible on Live


I’m facing a problem going live. I have repeating groups in my webpage that works fine in bubble preview but goes completely invisible on Live. I’m facing the same problem in Js Charts also.

Please help.

If you’re saying it works in Development version, but does not work in Live version, did you forget to copy your database to Live, perhaps?

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Hi Keith,

Thanks for that. I was unaware that i have to go live in DB also.

Now i have switched my DB also to live but even then the content invisible on live. Please help. Am i missing any steps inbetween?

You actually have to copy the database to live, it’s a separate command. “Switch to Live” just means you’re looking at the content in the live database, which in your case looks empty.

Essentially, when you’re in Development version or ( the database is different than the one in the Live version. Try adding some entries in the live database and try the RepeatingGroups again.

Thanks @andrewgassen,

It works fine now… That was a great help.

Thanks @Profamii

I try that also to update my live db.