Repeating group get data from page URL

I want my repeating to display data according to the previous pages. Let me explain

I’m creating a speech therapy website, and I’d like my repeating group to display words / images etc … according to the sound chosen previously.
. For example, when I select “Sound B”, it takes me to a page and then I select it again, which takes me to another page. Finally, I end up on my final page, which in this example is linked to “Sound B”. I’d like the repeating group to display the words “Son B” that I have in my database.

The problem is that I can’t change what the repeating group displays depending on the previous pages. I know that I need to use either a get data from page Url, or a custom state but I can’t seem to get it to do anything.

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Is this linking done via the content type setting on the page? If so, you likely already have what you need. If not, the appropriate solution is not much different.

Do you have a data field on the data types of words and on the images data type that is related to the sound data type? If not, you need to add it, which can be set as a list as some of the words and images stored in the database will be related to more than one sound stored in the database.

So on the repeating group, you will do a search for the words data type and use a constraint that uses the sound data field and this if a list would be contains or if a single value would be equals and the value expression if you have content type set on page the current page sound, or if using a URL parameter would the the get data from URL and reference the appropriate parameter and select the type to be sound.

If you are not using content type on the page and rely on the URL parameter, make sure you send the URL parameter value as the Unique id of the sound for the above Get data from URL to work and be recognized as a sound data entry.

Hey @boston85719 Thank you for you response.

I did what you told me to do (I think) but it still doesn’t work … I’ll show you the screenshots of my application, maybe it’ll be easier to solve the problem.

Here is the screen of the repeating group in which I want to put my words / images

Here is the screen of the page (just before the repeating group page) with the workflow of the button that directs to the repeating group page and which should therefore send the “Sound” information that was previously selected.

Here is page 1 with the start of the “path” with the “Sound List” repeating group, which sends information to the next page depending on the “Sound” selected by the user.

And here is my data

I sincerely hope to solve this problem. I’ve been at it for 2 days now and I’m losing hope.

Thank You very Much

Firstly the repeating group that shows the list of sounds that has a ‘card’ to display the sound which is used to click and trigger the action to navigate to the new page, should not require a search sounds because you already have the sound in the card itself.

change your q3 parameter value in the navigation go to page to be the ‘current cell’s sound unique id’ or ‘parent groups sound unique id’ whichever is available to you.

Then on the page where you show the list of words in the repeating group for search Mots, you would need to first change the parameter name in the constraint from q2 to q3 so you are actually attempting to get the correct parameter value since when you use the navigation go to page action you are sending a parameter of q3 and not q2

Screen Shot 2024-07-09 at 4.46.56 PM

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