Repeating Group - Icon to publish current cell details

Hi Everyone

Im trying to work with repeating cell. Having glance all the forum, cant seem to find any related topic to solve my probem.

I have a repeating group called transaction. The input is working fine. But how do i publish the details of the current cell by using an icon - the icon cant be assigned as “current cell”.

The idea is to show a summary of details based on a list that has been created early.

The icon -

how do i publish the current cell info into a new element?

Thank you in advance.

Have a separated group and display the current cells data in that group when the user clicks the icon.

I dont think i understand that. The icon is always side by side with the data in the repeting group list - just like a delete button.

my idea is that icon will trigger an element and in that element it will only show that data in that current cell. just an inside, the repeating group is only showing like 7 type of data thus why i need a button to show the full listing of data in a different element.

Draw a group either inside your RG or outside, set the content to the data type you want to display. When a user clicks the icon, use the “display data in group” and select the group that you have drawn. Data to display will then be “Parent’s group’s…”. In the group, you can choose to display all the fields.


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ahh ok let me try it, THANK YOU!

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