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Repeating group is populating with data before a selection is made

Hello, new user here and having some trouble figuring out a solution for this problem.

I’m just trying to make a simple app to keep track of shipments. I have a repeating group that is supposed to populate with products based which shipment is selected from a dropdown. The dropdown itself is populated based on which user is logged in. The problem I’m having is that when the page first loads it automatically populates the repeating group before anything is selected from the dropdown, which results in it showing products from all shipments including ones not even related to that user.

I’m sure I’ll need to provide more info, just not sure what exactly might be needed to figure this out so let me know what I need to provide.


Use a workflow instead of the “Data source”.

So … as in the “Data Source” box here.

Set up a workflow when the Dropdown’s data changes. to “Display List”.

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Seems like that did the trick. Thank you so much!