Repeating Group - List of Things (Multi-Select)


I have a table in Bubble with column which has a data type of List of Things. I have displayed the values for this field in a Mukti-select drop-down where the user can select multiple values and it gets saved into the DB as comma separated values. Is there a way in which I can save these values separated by a different delimiter like a pipeline (|) instead of comma separated values?
Any help is much appreciated.

List fields in DB are always storing values separated by comma.
Why do you need some replacement delimeter?

@artemzheg - I have created a report view in bubble which consists of data coming from multiple tables in a single repeating group. These tables are linked to each other with Unique IDs so if one table has a column with list of things (comma separated values) I can’t distinguish between its respective values coming from the second table if that table also has a column with list of things data type. It just displays as comma- separated values.
So if I replace the comma with pipeline I will have something like this in the second table - A | B | C, Z|X

Can you visualise it?

@artemzheg - Yes, so basically I have created thie below report view which has data coming from 2 different tables. Sectors_Exempted comes from Table 1 and Sector_Options (Multi-select column) come from Table 2. Both thease tables are connected via Unique ID. Now, here we have 2 values in Sectors_Exempted column : ALL and Factories or Manufacturing and with respect to this, we have 3 values in Sector_Options column where I know from the backend that ALL refers to “Access: Nonpublic, Use: Restricted” and Factories or Manufacturing refers to “Accessibility” but just my looking at the report one cannot differentiate which values from Sectors_Exempted refer to which multi-selected values from Sector_Options column.